How Much Does House Clearance Cost

What is the average cost of house clearance?

Your average cost of house clearance will vary as it all depends on the overall size and quantity of the clearance service that needs completing. The more heavy, bulky, and hard-to-recycle goods that you have in your home, then this will affect the price of disposal, as this can work out expensive to dump these items. This is why employing professional house clearance companies such as Premium House Clearance of Derby can be beneficial, as we have experience in all these matters, we can even purchase some of your household goods that are deemed resaleable, as we have a shop that can resell them.

When you want to proceed with clearing your residential property or commercial premises, you may be wondering what you can do with some of your larger furniture, appliances or unwanted items. Many people need to go through this home clearance, and it can be more complicated than they originally thought. You could always donate things like carpets like carpets if they are in decent condition. Other items which need throwing away and don’t look so good can go to landfill. We clear everything so you don’t have to! And our prices are affordable and very competitive for the Derby area, plus our friendly and reliable service is second to no other clearance service. Call now for a free no-obligation quote.

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How much house clearance costs

There can be a great deal of difference in costs charged by local house clearance companies in Derby. Generally, the larger the company and the higher their profile in your area, the more you can expect to pay. The ones that advertise in local papers or on billboards are usually not the cheapest. To get a good idea of prices charged locally go to We are friendly, reliable, and complete all the work at an affordable price.

Our house clearance prices are as follows

  • Full house clearance from around £300
  • Part house clearance from around £100
  • Garage clearance from around £50
  • Singled Items start from around £25 per Item cleared

Areas We Cover

House clearance quotes

Under most circumstances we like to see the house or premises first, as this allows us to be more accurate in our quotation, and also at a fixed price. This works well for both parties and minimises any misunderstanding about costs.

House clearance prices over the phone can be difficult as there are so many variables to consider, such as access, things that need to be left, and items of value that we may purchase from you and offset against the cost of the clearance job. Also, if you require our deep post cleaning service afterwards or clearing of harmful and verminous properties, then we like to see what is involved. You can request us to do as much as you like, and we will quote you appropriately.

House clearance is the process of removing items from a house to make room for new occupants. There are different approaches to how things can be cleared out and removed, each one has advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, the time required, health implications to the environment or other people around. For example, an alternative option that you might be able to consider would be self-storage units.

Some limitations on what can be cleared include historic preservation, community standards, legal restrictions, architectural style permissions. It should also be noted that professional house clearances will only go into houses if there is no one living there anymore. People who are still residing in their homes require special permission for someone else to enter the property.

House clearance costs are important because they are linked to many other factors. Among them is the type of clearance or junk removal that is required, the location of the residence, and whether or not any hazardous materials will need to be swept away.

If you need help with your house clearances, you should carefully consider what service you might want. For example, there are several services available that can conduct all types of removals including rubbish removal, furniture removals, garden waste disposal, professional hoarder clearance, scrap metal disposal, etc.

Be careful of cheap house clearance

House clearances can cost a lot of money and if they don’t, there may be a reason for this. A company could cut corners to save some money or even damaged goods that have to be thrown out simply because they don’t care about them enough to take proper care. If you go with a company that has good reviews from customers and solid experience in clearing homes, this should not happen. House clearance companies should offer free quotes so you get an idea of how much your home clearance work will cost before the job begins. When the price sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Average price of house clearance in Derby

Most junk removal companies will charge around £200-£300 for a one-bedroom flat, while larger properties will come closer to £500-£600.

When a house is being cleared, the company has to transport items from one place to another and dispose of those which can’t be sold or reused easily. That means gas, electricity, and water have to be turned off as well as security lights if they are on. In addition, appliances will probably need disconnecting as well as taking away carpets and floor coverings. Anyone who’s worked in an office will know that there’s usually more junk than what you see at first glance so space needs to be made for it.

What to expect from house clearance companies.

It’s pretty obvious that you don’t want just anyone coming into your home, that’s why it’s important to find the right people. Before the job begins check out whether they are suitably qualified and experienced in clearing properties. If they haven’t got any experience then you might be better off with someone who has done this type of work before. It also makes sense to take up references for previous jobs they have done so you can judge how good a firm actually is. Be wary if there are no previous references or these are vague about what was involved. You should always ask for real examples of work that have been carried out recently rather than years ago.

How much do you pay for a house clearance

This all depends on how long it takes to complete the job. Bear in mind that most people charge by the hour, although some firms prefer to give a fixed-rate price. However, there are several factors that affect this type of work, like it will take longer if there is more stuff to move around, or if they have to climb many stairs.

A rough guide would be £100 per man-hour plus expenses but check with the company first so you can factor in things like parking costs when getting an estimate.

Tips on finding the best house clearance

How much is house clearance and gives a few examples and tips. It starts with an explanation that most people charge by the hour and goes on to give a rough guide price, which takes into account factors like parking costs when getting an estimate. Some companies don’t include VAT in their prices – this should be taken into account when doing research for cheap house clearance. The main consideration is whether it’s per man-hour or fixed rate plus expenses but check with the company first so you can factor in things like parking costs when getting an estimate…

For advice on how to save money when moving house check out these tips;

if you’re looking for something specific then why not search our site for it here.
A lot of the time, the price you are quoted for house clearance will depend on whether or not you want your items to be recycled, donated to charity, or sold. Many companies will charge more if they have to dispose of certain things (such as hazardous chemicals). Here is some information that might help you work out how much a company would charge to take away furniture and other items from your home: – Carpeting can usually be kept until the job is completed; if need be, rolls of carpeting can simply be laid down where there is no longer any carpet in your home – If you choose recycling or donation, this service could involve free collection but generally these services cost less than others because they are not responsible for the full cost of taking away the items – If you plan on selling items yourself, this may be done through classified ads or at a boot sale. The company would usually want to pick up smaller furniture where possible, as larger pieces are more difficult to move around and store.

General household rubbish can often be disposed of for free, but some companies may charge if they have to remove hazardous chemicals. Other items that will most likely require separate disposal include:

  • Mattresses
  • Garden/soil/dirt (if it has become contaminated with oil, gas, or another toxic substance)
  • Carpeting (latex foam is considered hazardous waste by most recycling companies)
    – If you are hiring a larger company, then the price will be based on how much space your items take up in their truck. Therefore, if you have filled up your living room with junk but want to keep it available for people who may come and look at the house (e.g., if selling or renting it) then expect to pay about £25 an hour for them to store this in their yard until you clear additional items out of other parts of your home.

If you need more advice on disposing of hazardous materials from your home, please contact Premium House Clearance of Derby anytime for advice on these issues.

Can your costs be less expensive?

A professional company will always try to keep the price as low as possible given the circumstances, however, if you add items that need throwing away or negotiating with neighbours then this can add up to an extra hour’s work at least which would cause a rise in prices.

What type of waste will need to be taken from my property?

It depends entirely upon how much room there is in the van/truck and how much space you have available on your property. The size of your house is also important for determining costs e.g. A three bedroom semi-detached home will require a larger truck than a 3 bed flat, which can hold more waste per trip due to the reduced number of rooms. Items such as sofas and freezers may need dismantling first before being placed on a van if they are too big for us to be able to lift them straight on without causing damage or injury. This does not take long but would add on some extra time depending upon how many items there are..

Will my rubbish be going to landfill?

All our work is governed by strict government regulations as well as company policies and procedures. We will always recycle as much as we can, particularly metal. If a skip is your preferred means of removal then please be mindful that there are strict time limits on when a skip can first be placed on the road so it does not obstruct others from using the roadways. This rule applies from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday.
Who should you hire?

House clearance companies offer an incredibly wide range of services ranging from simply removing junk from your home or garden to complete rebuilds. When you’re looking at hiring a house clearance company you need to find one which offers a specific service appropriate for your needs – e.g getting rid of items left behind by a tenant or making vacant property prior to sale.

Some companies specialise in only one type of house clearance, but all companies should be able to offer a wide range of services. A good general company will be able to assist you with the following:

Removal and disposal of insulation left by tenants
Vacating properties prior to sale or refurbishment
Clearance of former business premises

House clearance experts are also used for refuse collection and garden waste removal. There are two types of experts who can help you with these tasks. The first is known as residents’ rubbish experts, who collect household junk that is regularly disposed of in the dust bin or green bin. These guys can clear out everything from old couches to kitchen cabinets and yard debris including leaves and branches.