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Professional House Clearance Services and Rubbish Removal

Premium House Clearance of Derby offers a full profile of professional house clearance, rubbish removal and house moving services in the local Derbyshire area. We are top tier registered waste carriers and fully insured to carry our customers belonging and valuables to their final destination. We are nice and friendly people to deal with, always helpful in our approach, and try to offer the best cost-effective solutions for our clients. If you require a full house clearance or part clearance of any type of property or commercial premises, retail outlet, factory or office, then call us now for the best price and helpful advice. We are knowledgeable and experienced with probate, and our professional approach is always sympathetic and understanding in this sensitive time. If you are an estate agent, landlord or business owner that would like a property cleared for the arrival of a new tenant then please give us a call to discuss. If needed, our rubbish removal service, which I can assure you will most often than not work out cheaper than hiring a skip for a period of time. We are responsible when it comes to disposing of all waste material as we have a network of recycling depots and charities that we use. If you have products that are deemed usable, in good condition and therefore saleable, we can always negotiate to buy outright or if available during a house clearance we could always offset the price of the items against your final bill.

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Rubbish Removal Service or Skip Hire?

Interested in hiring a skip? Read this first! Hiring a skip can be an expensive waste removal option, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of doing so and also look into other options such as hiring a rubbish removable or house clearance company like ourselves, Premium House Clearance of Derby. Whilst a skip is dropped off to you and provides a place by which you can dispose of rubbish yourself, many aren’t aware of the skip permit that is potentially needed from the Derbyshire Council for leaving it outside premises and prices for permits are on average £36.

It’s also difficult to know just how much waste a skip can fit in when you’re assessing your waste disposal needs, and you will need to pay out for the hire of a whole skip even though you ultimately may not use all of the space. Alternatively if you send us over an image of the rubbish that needs removing, we can usually sort you out a price over the phone, or maybe visit the property if there is a substantial amount of waste that needs taking away from your home or business premises.

Don’t forget that we do everything for you, all the loading and unloading, all the heavy lifting, so you can just sit back and have a cup of tea. You can also rest assured that all the rubbish that we clear from your property will be responsibly taken care of, as we are registered waste carriers with the UK environmental agency. We try to recycle as many items as possible through our network of recycling plants and local charity’s. Call us now to make sure that you have all the information you need before booking your rubbish clearance with
Premium House Clearance of Derby. 

Our Services

House Clearance

Our professional house clearances are always com/pleted successfully and to a high standard with total customer satisfaction our ultimate goal. All properties are carefully cleared of all unwanted items including, used furniture, white goods such as any fridges, large fridge freezers, washing machines, driers, cookers and any other electrical items. We always clear everything or as much or little as you want! We operate differently to other companies in the area, because if you have modern saleable items that can be offset against your total clearance charges, then we can agree on a price and offset the cost, as we have the ability to resell the items in our second-hand retail shop. We are quite active in trying to recycle as many items that we can, but also be assured that if anything needs disposing, then we are fully licensed waste carriers and are listed on the government’s environmental website.

Rubbish Removal

Our services can always be tailored to suit your particular circumstances. We make it easy by visiting your home or premises and collecting all your rubbish at a time that’s suitable for you. Our friendly and helpful staff will do all the heavy lifting and carrying and take all the strain, just sit back and watch it all disappear. You can also be peaceful in the knowledge that all your waste products will be recycled if possible, given to a local charity or disposed of through our close network of refuse sites. This is because you are dealing with a trusted environment agency registered waste carrier. You will be confident that your rubbish will be responsibly disposed of and not tipped down a country lane by a rogue trader.​

Man With A Van

Are you on the lookout for a trusted man-with-a-van service to assist with moving your personal goods and belongings? Do you require a man and van for a whole day or just half a day to move your things around? Would it therefore be most handy to have a couple of strong men to move your items from A to B without being subject to the costs of a large removal company? If so, give us a call, as we can arrange this for you at a fraction of the price. Just hire our van and man or men for as long as needed. Call Premium House Clearance of Derby. Are you a student or tenant that needs a tailored moving solution priced to your actual personal needs. Ring now to discuss your exact requirements and we can work out the best solution for your relocation. We have a selection of vans that vary in size, all depending on the amount of volume of items that you need moving. We can move all your furniture from A to B, white goods, beds, wardrobes, bin liners full of clothes, contents of your garages, we have moved everything over the years so we are rarely surprised these days, honestly, you name it and i assure you that we have move it previously. Call us now for a fast cheap quote.

House Removal

We offer our Derby customers a full comprehensive removal service that can be tailored to our customers requirements, based on the size and distance of the move. Our services are run by our dedicated and successful removals team who are experienced within the logistics and removal business. All we require is that our customers sit back and relax as we expertly re-site your household goods to their new location. If your items are currently in a storage facility then we can collect and transport everything to their location or pick up and drop off to a storage unit of your choice. We are fully insured so you can rest at ease as we take care of your house move. Call us now to discuss and we can prepare a quotation for our moving services.

Premium House Clearance of Derby can tailor a solution to suit your needs, including full house clearance, part house clearance, and garage clearance – whatever you need we can help you get rid of things without the hassle that usually comes with this type of work. We can also offer low-cost rubbish removal on top of our many other reliable services. Don’t forget we offer a buy back service also, if you have anything that is valuable or saleable. Then we can offset some of your clearance items against your house clearance cost. We can offer this as we have a retail outlet that deals in second hand furniture and electrical appliances.

We are always available to answer your questions about how things work with our House Clearance Company, and what prices we charge in order to carry out this kind of work.

Our House Clearance team has got an abundance of experience when it comes to this sort of service, and our staff is always fully qualified in all areas regarding house clearance, waste removal, and rubbish disposal. Don’t be afraid to speak with us should you require any additional information or if you simply don’t know what exactly is expected from you, we will gladly answer any questions you might have about the whole process. Also, make sure that your family is informed about everything before we get there because sometimes they might find some things harder to handle than others due to sentimental reasons, and not just based on their monetary value. Make sure that nothing goes missing because if it does then you won’t get anything back for it, so double-check your property before you give us permission to enter. On the day that our team is set up to perform your house clearance, make sure that everything that goes through is safe for transport and hasn’t been marred in any way whatsoever.

The process consists of more than just getting your stuff loaded into our vans, it has some stages you have to follow before we get there. First of all you need to isolate anything that might be dangerous or hazardous simply because they are harmful, inflammable or even explosive objects. We will also ask for more information about what exactly do you want us to dispose of, which means providing additional instructions and guidance in order for us to provide a complete service because we don’t want something like this to happen.
Our house clearance services go above and beyond when it comes to the disposal of your unwanted items; we can recycle or donate any usable items, after thorough checking. This means that anything you wish to keep may be donated to a good cause in your name. Our aim is not only to make sure everything is clear and gone but also to make the whole process as painless and easy for you as possible. We also provide moving services.

The home appliances we work with range from washing machine disposal, TVs, laptops, and cooker removal, freezer collection, old furniture disposal…we clear most things, if you are unsure then please call us first for free expert advice.
You really do need house clearance if:

  • The property is empty and the landlord wants it back.
  • Under the unfortunate circumstance of a bereavement in the family
  • You want to surprise your wife or husband with clearing out unwanted junk
  • The house clearance has been ordered by an estate agent in Derby, we work very closely together with a number of estate agents in Derby.

You can call Premium House Clearance of Derby at any time, and even get a quote over the phone if you forward us photographs of the items to be cleared. All of our quotes are free of charge and no obligation!
Call us now on 01332-215003

When things need clearing out in the home or office there are few things that can be more stressful than tackling the job yourself. The clutter and junk just keep on mounting until you find yourself with no option other than to spend what seems like forever sorting through old papers, broken trinkets, and dusty boxes. It is at this point you should call us here at Premium House Clearance of Derby, we will save you all of the hard work, because our house clearance services are second to none!

There are many companies advertising their house clearance services online; some charge very little for rubbish to be taken away, but once you’ve seen inside their truck then it becomes clear that they’re not really equipped or authorised to take a lot of junk. They can’t legally take away large or hazardous items such as old fridges, radiators and asbestos.
When you call us at Premium House Clearance of Derby, we’ll ask you for an idea of what you’re looking to get rid of; the more information you give us then the better job we can do! We offer great rates on all house clearance services and if it turns out that we can’t clear everything in one go, then we’ll arrange another date to carry on completing the work.. This means that whether your home is full of junk or just needs a little tidying up after a big clear out, then the price we give you will remain the same.

Professional House Clearance Services – Our Values

As a professional house clearing company, we take pride in the work that we do, and in our ability to make even the most difficult of house clearance jobs nice and easy. Part of this is down to our values, which are based around dependability, punctuality and trustworthiness. When you hire us for house clearance services then you can rest assured knowing that you’ve hired a team who are 100% committed to getting the job done well within your set time frame. We know how stressful it can be when an unwanted property issue arises so by hiring us you’re taking one thing off your list!

House Clearance Services Near Me!

Areas We Cover

When you have a house clearance, you may be pleasantly surprised to find some things that are worth more than you thought they were! However, as with any clearance, there is always the possibility of finding something you had been completely unaware of! Therefore it is important to have an experienced team do the work for you who can handle everything from dismantling large items such as pianos to clearing out greenhouses and garages. We pride ourselves on being a green company and recycling as much as possible where appropriate so please ask if there’s something extra you need us to do. We also offer a garden waste clearance service for those of you without the means to take on some of the larger projects yourself.

It is very crucial as a house clearance business owner to guarantee you that we provide excellent customer service at all times, because this is what keeps people coming back for more. We keep higher standards than those that might seem normal or expected from other companies; which means higher standards mean better opportunities for our growth and profitability if done correctly and carefully. We would like our customers to enjoy our services so they acquire it again when needed which leads to more business and total customer satisfaction, something we strive for everyday with our Derby house clearance.

The process consists of more than just getting your stuff loaded into our truck, we also provide services and support in the following ways:

  • We always respect your schedule and work to complete everything on time, if you need us to start early or finish late we will gladly do so. Although sometimes this might affect our schedule with other customers we will prioritise you, we take customer service very seriously.
  • All of your things will be watched over carefully by one of our employees while it is loaded onto the truck; they take care not to break anything that might be fragile during transit, or placing into storage.
  • Please pack all small items into boxes when possible, and take care of electronics and appliances. We are very careful with all of your items, but the more attention you take to packing, the less chance of breakages.
  • When items are loaded onto the truck they are strapped down tightly. We know that moving can be stressful enough without worrying about your things sliding around, so we try to make their journey as smooth as possible.
  • We do our best to give you a date and time frame when estimating how long it will take us to clear out your home. If something comes up, though, or if for some reason we cannot make it during our scheduled appointment, don’t worry! We will let you know right away what has changed and come back at another time that works better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that people often ask about house clearance. This list has been created to provide answers for some of the more common questions asked by our clients, if you have another question please feel free to contact us through any of the means provided, either by telephone, or fill out a few details on our contact form, this is found on every page of our website.

How Does House Clearance Work?

This is our premium service that involves clearing out all the unwanted items and goods from a fully vacated property or a part clearance of a house. Residential homeowners and businesses use our bespoke house clearance services for many reasons such as the need to clear a house after a family member or friend has passed away, or it could be that people are relocating and need to place their belongings into storage short or long term depending on their circumstances.

What do you clear

We clear all items of household furniture, including single and double beds, dressing tables, wardrobes, cupboards, draw units and white goods such as gas and electric cookers, fridges, fridge freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, any electrical items, general bags or boxes of household bric-a-brac ,waste, bedding and old clothing. We basically take everything apart from any hazardous materials like asbestos and unknown liquids. If you are not too sure about an item or substance then please enquire beforehand as we can probably help to avoid confusion on the day of the clearance.

House clearance costs

The house clearance cost always depends on the overall size of the house to be cleared, we will need to assess this by asking you a few simple questions beforehand to give us an idea before committing to a firm quote. You may indeed receive a lot of cheaper estimates over the phone but please be careful as these can and usually do escalate to a higher price when the company arrives to complete the job. It’s like the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, then probably is! We always prefer to look at any house clearance before we commit to a price, but we understand this can not always be possible. We will estimate over the phone, but you must be aware that this is indeed only an estimation, we cannot commit fully until we seen the actual scope of work involved

Are you registered waste carriers

Yes, we are fully registered waste carriers, and upper-tier level. Also all your household goods and valuable items during the transportation process fully are insured too. You are welcome to request our documentation at any time.

Do you need to visit the property first?

In an ideal house clearance or rubbish situation, it’s always good practice to look at the property beforehand as then we know and can quote our customer with a firm quotation and price for completing the intended work.In some circumstances, we fully understand that it isn’t always possible, so we will attempt to estimate the best we can with the information available, but always be aware that this price is estimated and could very well go up or down, all depending on the size of the clearance project

Do I need to be at the property when it is being cleared?

It’s not always necessary for you to be in attendance at the property while we complete the clearance. We have carried many house clearances in the past without the client’s presence, if you are indeed local to the property that we will be clearing for you, then we could meet you there, collect the keys and return them upon completion. We also have no problem picking up the keys from another location such as a solicitor, agent or landlord prior to the house clearance. Another way and option is to forward the keys to our office address by Royal mail recorded delivery and we can return them by the same method upon completion. We are always willing to work with our customers to offer them a helpful solution. To read more about how to prepare for house clearance, click here.

What does your house clearance service include?

Our House Clearance services cover absolutely everything, we do not miss anything and believe that a thorough clean up is an important part of the process. After we’ve finished cleaning we leave your home with a gleaming new feeling and all sorting out and disposal is left entirely to yourself. Where possible we try to recycle items where we can and we always handle things in a sensitive and respectful way, with your needs and wishes as our priority.

How long does the whole process usually take?

The length of time it takes all depends on how much is to be cleared out, some jobs are small but others can be more difficult if there has been a lot of clutter or had been acquired over many years. We usually allow between 1 or 2 days for an average-sized house clearance job. If you only have one room’s worth of junk to clear, this will happen faster. A large project may take longer but we are flexible enough to allow us time to fit around you so please don’t hesitate to ask! This also allows you ample time to sort through all your belongings and make sure you don’t leave anything behind as we will not be able to come back for it after the house clearance has been completed.

What does house clearance involve? Do you take away all rubbish, old furniture, etc.?

We always aim to recycle or reuse as much as possible, but we also take away any broken appliances and materials that cannot be recycled (such as plasterboard). We do our best to donate items we feel can still be used such as books and clothes, otherwise, they will go to recycling if they look like junk. If there is anything left over which may potentially be useful but are still in good condition (e.g. old toys), these will normally go into storage until someone else requests them.

How do you get rid of furniture and other items?

We dispose of all rubbish or hazardous material such as batteries, paints, or chemicals safely. Furniture that is still in good condition will be either purchased from you to be resold in our used furniture and appliance shop, or donated to a various network of local charities such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc., while older/broken furniture will be recycled where possible.

Is it cheaper for me to do a house clearance myself?

It depends on the amount of work involved, in most cases a home clearance service is more cost-effective. If a property has a lot of things from floor to ceiling then removal services are needed which would not be an option when doing this yourself.

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