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Looking for an efficient, reliable and friendly local house removal service in Derby?

What Does Our House Removal Service Include

We look after the whole removal process from start to finish

We can get involved as much or as little as you like

We can include transporting, unloading and unpacking

Fully Insured business that works hard to protect our customers Interests.

We offer tailor made solutions to match your house removal needs

We also offer house clearance and rubbish removal services if required, and are registered waste carriers, so we can dispose of any rubbish, or unwanted items before, during, or after your move. We really are your one stop shop for everything removals!

House removal is an operation that involves transporting all items of furniture, contents of the home, and other household goods/effects from one set of property to another. House removals can be challenging if you do it by yourself, but with help of professionals, your task will get easier. Whether you are planning the relocation or moving in about to move house or office; hiring a professional house removals service provider must be your priority.

Premium House Clearance of Derby removals offers high-quality services at affordable rates. Our work doesn’t involve any problem because we know what we’re doing and how to do it properly, so you’ll be satisfied with our services if you choose us as your house removal company. We provide all kinds of services related to relocation and can help you with both home removals and office relocations. House removal is considered an easy task by some people but they don’t realize that things may go wrong during this process. If you hire the right team then everything will probably go well, however, if you hire inexperienced workers then they might damage something or drop your items such as TV sets, crockery or even paintings, something that you don’t really want!
Our highly trained moving men know how to handle all kinds of items including pianos, large wardrobes, and even pool tables.

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House removals Derby: What do we offer?

Our house removal company provides a full range of relocation services from packing to shipping. We’ll send you our own team of workers who will pack everything that is necessary for the transportation. On the day of the move, they will arrive equipped to protect your property from any damage and keep it safe during transit. All furniture is also sent by us in a professional manner usually inside wardrobe boxes or bubble wrap to avoid any scratches or minor damages which might occur during transportation.

In case you want our movers to do everything from the beginning to the end then all you have to do is tell us which things should be done by themselves and what should be taken care of by us. So after you’ve come back from work, our professional movers will have already packed your belongings for transportation so you can relax knowing everything has been settled while enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Every client who wants their house removal done perfectly leaves it with people who know exactly how it’s supposed to be done. At every relocation, they only employ professional workers who are able to carry out each relocation with the least inconvenience possible.

House removal is a big project that requires many steps in order to be done perfectly and safely. Our company does everything professionally which includes carefully packing every belonging in a proper way, arranging transportation, loading all of your belongings on our trucks, transporting them from A to B, and unloading again. You don’t have to worry about anything because we take care of it from beginning to end. That means you don’t have to do anything but relax while our professionals move your house so you can continue living even if you’re not physically present here yourself.
All the material used for packing comes from special companies that produce custom-made boxes that meet all of our requirements and serve their purpose well. We have special covers that are not only good for the protection of your belongings but ensure they won’t move an inch during travel thus preventing any damage.

How much do removals cost?

Your cost of house removal service will be priced on the distance you want your goods moved, the weight and volume of your items, total number of items), and also how much you want us to be involved in the overall process of your move. Things like packing and self-packing are taken into consideration, and lastly how long we predict the removal work will take to complete. This is why we like to view a job first, as you can appreciate we have been doing this type of work for a long time, and are pretty good at pricing customers’ removals. All our quotes are free of charge so you have nothing to lose finding out. We are genuine, and friendly people that enjoy what we do. Call now to discuss your move!

We always prefer to look at a removal job first, as opposed to issuing a quote over the phone. Throughout our years of experience, we have found that customers can either under estimate, or indeed overestimate the amount of items they have for removals. On the other hand we do this everyday so we know a thing or two about estimating the volume of a house removal. The quotes are free so call us to book an appointment.

How much do removals cost?

We always prefer to look at a removal job first, as opposed to issuing a quote over the phone. Throughout our years of experience, we have found that customers can either under estimate, or indeed overestimate the amount of items they have for removals. On the other hand we do this everyday so we know a thing or two about estimating the volume of a house removal. The quotes are free so call us to book an appointment.

What are the benefits of hiring professional help with your house removals?

Affordable pricing structure: Sometimes it might become difficult to relocate all of your material on your own especially if they are large in size, fragile or expensive (antiques, etc.) Professional removal companies offer the best value for money prices on their removals services.

High-quality packing service: They offer cost-effective & affordable packaging materials for house removals. Their professional staff is trained to pack all your belongings very carefully so that they can be transported to a new destination without any damage or breakage.

Guaranteed safe transportation of household goods: Professional companies assure the complete safety of all types of household items during transportation stages by following proper loading, unloading, and transporting techniques thereby avoiding damages to home appliances/furniture/items, etc.

Timely execution of removal job: They provide you a dedicated time frame from start to finish for the relocation process which ensures that nothing gets left behind. Moreover, they handle the entire project including pick-up, delivery, unpacking, and rearranging of furniture, appliances, etc.

Retirement home support: If you are shifting to retirement homes like Independent living facilities or assisted living facilities for seniors then professional companies can help you with moving that too easily.

Flexible packing solutions: As they have warehouse stores across the UK so it becomes easy for them to provide any type of packaging material you want ranging from small carton boxes, bubble wraps, wooden crates, straps, tapes, etc. They also offer special packing materials like wardrobe boxes, sofa sets, etc which makes the transporting process even easier than ever before.

Transportation charges inclusive: From full household relocation jobs to single item transportation you will get complete assistance in terms of transportation charges and insurance.

Professional and friendly services: As these companies can boast of hundreds of satisfied customers moving with them, therefore it will be a pleasure for you to move because your rubbish removal company will think about everything and how they can make your relocation easy and smooth.

Storage facility: These professional removal companies also provide long term storage facilities in case you don’t want to unpack everything at once or for whatever reason so they keep your belongings safe in their warehouse so whenever you are ready to avail of the service only then you should ask them for it.

Peace of mind: Finally when you hire a professional company then anything goes wrong because all the hard work is done by the experts and just the rest is your responsibility to handle it. But you should not worry because if their experts say something then only they will do it so you can easily rely on them.

Insurance coverage:
The removal company will also provide the insurance facility to the customers which means your valuable items are safe with these companies. These insurance plans cover all types of damages including accidental and others, which might happen during the transit period. This way not only your goods are protected but you can get money back in case anything happens with that particular item or furniture while transferring between two places within a limited amount of time.

Easy recovery: If by mistake some things get missed out while carrying the loads at the destination point or while unpacking, which is very normal; don’t panic! Because of the services rendered by these companies and their trained and experienced workforce, you can easily recover those valuable items within a small time using their professional equipment.

Hassle-free: These industry professionals take care of everything right from packing to unpacking your goods, furniture, or any other valuable belongings as if they were theirs thus making your movement very hassle-free which is the primary objective for moving our valuable possessions.

Convenience: Unlike self-movement where you have to carry loads with friends and family members; these companies provide small removals, man and van London and many more facilities so that customers can enjoy their move without any sort of inconvenience and discomforts. If you need help, just ask them! They will do it in a blink of an eye!

Man per Van: Most companies have a provision for hiring vans with 4-5 men per van so they can easily carry all your goods from one place to another. Once loaded, they will carefully handle these goods to the destination where you want them to go. In this way, there is no chance of damage or scratches on any of your items and most importantly – No Downtime!

Insurance Cover: These companies provide insurance cover too which gives complete protection to the customers against any unforeseen losses that might occur during transit.

Best Removal Companies: There are numerous removal companies that provide their services at affordable rates but only 1 or 2 of them are the best in the UK. You can get a quote from various companies and then select one that offers you suitable services at a reasonable rate.