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Do you Need a man with a van?

Do you need your items, belongings moved to a new location?

or rubbish removed and taken away and disposed of in a responsible way?

If yes, then call Premium House Clearance of Derby for a trusted man with a van service that is friendly, efficient, and easy to deal with!

Our man with a van is very similar to the man who delivers, but operates only in and around Derby and Nottingham as a local transportation of goods, such as household furniture, electrical appliances, the removal of unwanted items that need to be taken to the tip, or maybe a small removal service. We are equipped for large house removals if that is what you are looking for, call us to discuss your requirements, and we can tailor a solution to fit your circumstances.

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Man with a van hire

The intention of this service is to help people move their belongings from one place to another and possibly drive them directly there if necessary. Sometimes it might even be possible for the movers to take care of all related relocation tasks, such as dismantling and reassembling furniture, unloading and unpacking boxes, loading and carrying heavy items or using special equipment for safe transportation.

In other cases you would have to arrange some additional help on your own, depending on what exactly needs moving from where to where. The mover usually does not carry out any type of packing or unpacking work cleaning operations along with transporting belongings to their new location. From the customer’s point of view, hiring a mover can be advantageous in many cases when you are pressed for time are physically unable to move heavy luggages

What is man with a van?

Man with a van is an informal term mainly used in England and other English speaking parts of the world for a moving service that employs small truck (a light commercial vehicle, usually equipped with hydraulic lift gate) and one or more workers (movers), who usually specialize in relocation and transportation of particular types of goods. Some movers also provide related services like packing and unpacking furniture, loading and unloading storage spaces, dismantling and reassembling large items, carrying out any type of cleaning operations along with transporting belongings to their new location. Mover is not to be confused with a moving company.

How much does man and a van cost?

Man and van prices are very awkward to price and quote for until we get all the variables, every job is different, some pick ups and drop offs are easily accessible, such as ground floor buildings and garages. On the other hand a customer may need items moved from a high rise building, a commercial building, or there could be difficult or narrow access to their items. This is why we like to discuss our man with van costs prior to issuing you with a firm price. This way everyone is happy, it seems to work well with our customers.

Get your local small move done with our man and van service in Derby.

If you need an independent quotation for your small local move, then we can supply a man and van and up to two further moving operatives, the price will all depend on the size of the job, the amount of man hours, and work involved. We calculate everything from how close we can get to the location when parking our van, to the total volume of furniture, appliances, boxes, and any other items you need moved. If you require any assistance in dismantling anything prior to it being moved, then please let us know in advance, and not on the day. The average price to move someone in the derby area starts at around £150 plus, and a 2 bedroom house starts at £250.00 terms and conditions will apply. If you require a single item moved or removed, such as beds, sofas and electrical appliances, then prices start from £25.00 plus. Please call for an up to date price, and to discuss your personal requirements. We are always happy to help, even at short notice.

Man with a van service

Our services include helping customers move houses, transport boxes and furniture from one place to another, and even help in decluttering your home! Customers can count on the best teams when they book with Premium House Clearance of Derby. They give all their employees thorough checks before they begin work so you know who is showing up at your door, and each team has no less than two members so there’s always someone to help load. If anything happens during the move, such as items being damaged, just give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website and press send, upon receipt we will phone you to discuss your man and van requirements.

Cheap man with a van near me

If moving house has to be done, why not make things easier on yourself and hire a man with a van? Man with vans offers an incredibly cost-effective alternative to transporting all your belongings across Derby and Nottingham.

A man with a van service will charge you based on how many items they believe it is safe to fit in their vehicle. Our small ‘man and van’ will usually take away one or two rooms worth of furniture at most, while our larger vehicles can come equipped with furniture pads, protecting your goods against bumps, knocks and stains.

As well as offering lower prices than removal companies, our man with van services also let you choose: saving you money if you only need them for part of the move – for example when collecting goods from storage. Make sure you’re clear on possible extra charges with the service you book, such as mileage if they have to travel to pick up your goods or additional time for loading and unloading work.

Man with van services aims to provide convenience at an affordable price and can be a great way to move home without the hassle and costs associated with larger removals companies. They are also great for completing smaller jobs such as carpet or sofa removal. If you are on a budget but need some help carrying out smaller household tasks, make sure you shop around for quotes from multiple men with van companies to ensure you get value for money.

How do I find a man and a van?

Van removals are one of the most commonly contracted removals services in the United Kingdom, but it can sometimes be an expensive option if you are not careful. Before hiring a man with a van to do the moving for you, there are a few things that you might want to consider. You have to check whether or not the company is a registered waste carrier in the UK. This is because anyone can just say they are established companies without being registered, so it is important that you double-check on this aspect of their business before committing yourself to an agreement.

You have to ascertain what type of services will suit your needs and make sure it falls within your budget. For instance, you need not spend money contacting different companies for quotes if all they offer is basically the same thing; instead, it is better to choose one company and make an agreement with them. You can always go for hourly, daily or weekly rates depending on the time you think it will take to complete your move; there are also fixed rate options available.

It is important that you consider certain factors before determining how much does a man with a van cost because different companies charge differently for their services. For example, if they offer packing materials but not everyone needs them then you should not include this in how much does man with a van cost; likewise, if all other companies around offer services like packing up your things or loading/unloading so it comes down to simply driving the van then you should factor this into how much does man with a van cost because these are not offered by everyone .
Location isn’t the only factor which determines the price to hire a man and van though. There is also the size and weight of your items which affect how much does a man with a van cost. For example if you have lots of heavy things then there might be extra fees included in this such as parking fines or travel costs when they move your stuff because they will likely use bigger vehicles such as luton vans. This could increase the overall cost of man with a van.

There are so many other variables which affect how much does man with a van cost too such as whether you have all the equipment they need, or if your house is on an incline. Also it’s worth mentioning that depending on what time of day you book a man and a van also affects how much does man with a van cost because sometimes overtime will be charged for those working in this profession.
In conclusion, there isn’t just one price for hiring a man and van as every situation is different but the cheapest option would be to hire over the phone as opposed to online, as then even more fees can be added onto your final bill by unscrupulous web companies.

Call Premium House Clearance of Derby for an honest and reliable service, plus the best man with a van prices!